• Highly experienced analytical team
  • We test ALL analytes
  • No DPH waiver required
  • Free sample collection

Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratory

Based in Salem Massachusetts, CDX Analytics provides analytical testing for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana industry.

Fast Accurate

ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Accreditation Recommended

Secure, Encrypted,
Web-based Reporting


Excellence in Service — Delivered with Integrity

CDX Analytics’ core business is the testing and analyzing of medical marijuana to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MassDPH). CDX Analytics also offers a range of advisory services to our Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) customers.

Why Choose CDX Analytics

  1. On-time results reporting.
  2. The only Massachusetts laboratory that can test all analytes required by the MDPH (including all pesticides, negating your need to label each product as non-compliant).
  3. Daily collection service from your business, ensuring chain of custody at all times.
  4. On-line secure 24-hour access to your results across multiple platforms.
  5. Highly experienced analytical team and dedicated support staff.

Chief Science Officer — Brianna Cassidy Ph.D.

Brianna has over a decade of experience designing scientific methods to analyze complex samples, like cannabis. She holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science with magna cum laude honors. Her work has resulted in three patents, a dozen publications, and over thirty scientific conference presentations from which she has been awarded over $500,000 in grants, and several full-tuition fellowships.