Transport and Security

CDX offers a collection and transportation service for all samples submitted to our laboratory. We have gone above and beyond to make sure our transportation service is in compliance with CMR 725:000.

Our transportation vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system so that we know where your samples are at all times.

Confidentiality: in accordance with CMR 725:000, we have no logo’s or markings on our vehicle and have tinted our windows so that we maintain confidentiality for our clients.

Our vehicle is equipped with a lockable storage container that is bolted into the frame of the vehicle to maintain security at all times.

Our transport agents have received safety and security training so that the proper measures are taken in the event of an emergency. CDX has designed a method of transportation for marijuana samples to ensure chain of custody is never compromised.

Meet our Transport Agents

CDX Analytics Transport Agents: John, Carlos and Gary

With experience ranging from law enforcement, fire department and quality control, our transport agents have experience in security, confidentiality, chain of custody and transportation delivery. In addition, we have provided our transport agents with road-safety and emergency training for the secure transportation of your marijuana samples.