WBUR Radio Interview – State Opts Out Of Reviewing Host Community Agreements For Legal Marijuana; Different Cannabis Testing Methods Spark Debate

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Brianna Cassidy Ph.D.Our Chief Science Officer, Brianna Cassidy, Ph.D., weighs in on a debate about techniques to make sure that recreational marijuana sold in stores does not contain pesticides, mold or other contaminants. As the state was about to approve the licenses for the labs here in Massachusetts, WBUR invited CDX as well as two other labs in the state to contribute to the discussion.

Listen to the interview here.

CDX Receives Approval to Commence Operations

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[Salem, Massachusetts – November 7, 2018] CDX Analytics is thrilled to have received our Notice to Commence Operations today from the Cannabis Control Commission. This letter from the commission confirms that CDX has complied with all provisions of obtaining and maintaining a license to test cannabis products for the Recreational Marijuana market in the state.

“The Massachusetts Adult Use Program must give consumers confidence in the safety and labeling of the products they are buying. This step forward is the culmination of the hard work put in by our team and the diligence of the Commission and its staff. We will be providing written notice to the CCC that we intend to commence operations immediately.”

“We look forward to serving consumers in this fashion as the premier independent testing laboratory in the Commonwealth.” – Dr. Brian Strasnick, CEO/President

CDX Analytics is a premiere cannabis testing laboratory servicing both the Medical and Recreational Marijuana markets. The lab has invested in state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure state compliance and push the envelope in product optimization.


If you would like more information about this topic or about the services provided by CDX Analytics, please call Eamon Travers at 781-469-5770, or email etravers@cdxanalytics.com.

Cannabis Control Commission Approves ITL License

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CDX Analytics is proud to announce that on Thursday, October 19th, 2018 the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) voted unanimously to approve final licensure for CDX Analytics as an Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL); the first and only unanimously approved ITL license in the Commonwealth. This will allow CDX Analytics to test marijuana and marijuana infused products that are grown and/or produced by licensed Marijuana Cultivators, Marijuana Retailers and Marijuana Product Manufacturers under the Adult Use Program.

The most highly-regarded and professional testing laboratory in the Commonwealth, CDX Analytics is the only ITL that is ISO Certified to test for all Department of Public Health required analytes.

CDX Analytics has invested in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Salem, MA with precision and high through-put instrumentation that allows us to ensure product and consumer safety, compliance, and push the envelope in cannabis product optimization for all license categories. Inquiries are welcomed to Eamon Travers on 781.469.5770 or etravers@cdxanalytics.com.

Please check out our informational video below for more information.